Sunday, December 27, 2009

COMING SOON.... Vegan Spinach Artichoke Success

We had a lovely Christmas, and I hope you all had the same. The kids had a blast doing that typical American Christmas, and in the evening we had my parents over for a variation on Christmas Dinner. I even put out appetizers! Weird, huh? It's not really my thing right as my dad was walking in the door I noticed that we had a ton of stuffed olives at the back of the fridge.

I cut up some carrots, placed a different type of olives on either side of the carrots, and I still had a half empty platter. I peered back inside the fridge for further inspirations and saw the artichokes, so away I went. I pulled some spinach out of the freezer and the last couple slices of vegan cheese from the fridge. Then I mixed those in a pot on medium-low with the jar of artichokes and about half the marinade mixture with a little freshly ground mixed peppercorns. All I have to say is, nom nom nom nom nom nom nom. A real recipe and MAYBE pictures are coming soon.